Native Missionaries

Our native missionaries are God's hands and feet.  They have answered the call and are building the Kingdom each and every day.  

jeyki teaching sunday school.jpg


Located in Yangon, the largest city in Burma, Jeyki is currently teaching at the Eastern Bible Institute.  He also recently planted a church in the city called Hai Tha Ya Christian Church. With his growing congregation, he organizes a Sunday school for non-Christian children.  The hope is that the children will share the Gospel message with their parents.  Jeyki travels to northern Burma regularly to help Kyipawu, one of our other missionaries, teach short term Bible training seminars and summer youth programs.

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Kyipawu lives in Tanai, a city in northern Burma.  He provides outreach to victims of drug addiction and travels to teach Bible seminars and youth programs.  Kyipawu has seen God's power of healing firsthand through his ministry in the villages.

myitkyina bible seminary thomas teaching.jpg

thomas & charlies

Both teachers at the Myitkyina Bible Seminary, Thomas and Charlie educate future leaders of the Burmese church.  Thomas, a husband and father of two as well as a graduate of the Mytikyina Bible Seminary himself, also travels to the Chinese border to conduct leadership training each year.  The seminary is located in nothern Burma.



Also a teacher in northern Burma, Ngwalisi works at the Berea Bible School.  He provides formal training in theology to the growing population of Christians.

bible training with kyipawu.jpg


Uzziah, with his wife and child, live in Shan State, just north of Thailand.  He is a professor at the Takyilek Bible School and the chairman of their missions board.  He regularly travels to Ahka and Lahu, remote villages in northern Burma, to teach and preach the Gospel.