Ahpu & Native Missionaries Update - December 2018

Dear Christian friends and supporters of AMC,

            Happy New Year to all.  Though the year 2018 is over, the Lord gives us the year 2019 to serve him.  Thank you all for your prayer and financial support throughout the year 2018.  The Nguapha family and LBI family needs your prayer and financial support for the year 2019 to serve the Lord faithfully and effectively with you in Southeast Asia.  Your prayer and financial support is vital in the ministry.

            Jeremiah and his wife Alison, along with Ben and his wife Tiffany, active members of AMC, came to visit us in Chiangmai, Thailand, for a couple of weeks in December 2018.  They stayed with us during their visit and we had a good time with them. While they were in Chiangmai, they came to visit LBI, they met with students and interviewed them. They also visited the children’s home which they are a part of in Chiangmai.  They also visited a Lisu village, where a graduate of LBI serves as a pastor.

             Our daughters Anna, Ellie, Lois, and our grandson Isaac, came to visit us during Christmas. Our daughter Lois is going to graduate from Oral Roberts University (ORU) in May 2019.  Lois was with us until the New Year celebration and left for ORU to continue her schooling on January 9, 2019.  Right now, only Asher is with us.  Every one of our family members are doing fine because of the Lord's care and your prayer for our family.

            LBI teachers and students are doing fine and the classes are going well.  LBI had two weeks of Christmas and New Year break.  They all went back to their villages and returned to LBI two days ago to continue their classes.  During Christmas, students went as a group to perform music and to participate in Christmas celebrations with Christian brothers and sisters. LBI students also went to Thanksgiving celebration in the villages to participate and perform music.  Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations are an important part of Christianity here in Asia among the Lisu people. Thanksgiving is celebrated after the harvest of the rice, and Christmas is celebrated from mid-December until late December, on selected dates.

Ahpu preaching at a church during the Thanksgiving celebration.

Ahpu preaching at a church during the Thanksgiving celebration.

            LBI rice was harvested in November 2018.  The Lord blessed LBI and LBI harvested over 400 tins of rice. This rice will be enough to feed LBI students for the rest of this school year, and the first semester of the next school year.  LBI also receives some rice from the Lisu churches.  Some of the Lisu churches have begun to support LBI with pumpkins, vegetables, bamboo shoots, and cucumbers.  The Lord is good to us.

            I am teaching Old Testament History and English five days a week at LBI.  I am also teaching to a group of adult students from nearby villages every Saturday from 9:00am to 3:00pm. There is only a one hour lunch break.  Fifteen to twenty adults come to study on Saturdays.  Many of them are elders, deacons, and active members in Lisu churches.  Some of them are teachers in the churches.  Please, keep them in your prayer.  I also preach on Sundays at churches, as well as at Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.  During Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration season I was invited to preach various places.    

LBI students practicing worship songs in class

LBI students practicing worship songs in class

            Between September and October 2018, I went to the Burma and China border to teach short term Bible trainings for five weeks.   I left during the 2nd week of September and I came back the 3rd week of October 2018.  The first training I taught was at Shwi-Zet Lisu church.  Elders and deacons from Myitkyina area came for the training.  There were over a hundred Lisu Christian elders and deacons who came.  They are all active Lisu Christian leaders from over 30 churches.  After that I went to teach at another Bible training seminar at a Lisu village church called Kwi-Tu, which was over an hour drive from Myikyina.  It was a small church and 50-60 members of the church came regularly for a week.  They were greatly encouraged because of the training.  There was preaching of the gospel every night. Hundreds of people came for the worship service at night.  One Muslim came to listen to the teaching and accepted Christ as his Lord. 

            On the third week, I went to teach at Berea Bible School (BBS) in Myitkyina.  Ngwalisi, one of the native missionaries works there.  He serves as dean of the students at BBS.  He translated for me, because the students there included Lisu people and other tribes.  I taught there every day, all day, for a week.  There were 79 students at BBS.  They have Lisu Class and Burmese Class.  BBS is three-year Bible School. Every weekend, the students go to Lisu churches to perform music and practice leading worship services.

            On the fourth week, I went to the China border to train Christian leaders from China with native missionaries, Uzziah and Charlie, who are teaching as Myitkyina Christian Seminary (MCS).  Three other teachers from MCS also went with us.  We were there for a week.  More than 70 Christian leaders came for the training.  The classes began at 7:00am and lasted until 8:00pm.  There were only two breaks; brunch and dinner.  After the day was over, many of the students came to us and asked many questions from their Bible and we answered their questions and explained God's word from the Bible. These people were active Christian leaders from many different churches from the bordering area. I had a good time with the native missionaries and teachers of MCS, and with Christian leaders from the area.

            Native missionary, Thomas, was not able to go with us to the training seminar.  He was leading youth ministry in Myitkyina.  He teaches at MCS and serves as dean of students.  He and his family live at MCS campus.  Charlie also lives at MCS campus.  He teaches at MCS and serves as a dorm parent.  Another native missionary, Jeyki, lives in Yangon.  He teaches at Eastern Bible Institute (EBI) and preaches at Hlaytaya Christian Church as usual.  EBI has more than a hundred students.  My second brother's son, Ngwadi, goes to EBI. My sister Ana's daughter went there, and she is now serving as a Sunday school teacher in Putao.

            Thanks for your partnership and support for AMC through finance and prayer.  We keep you in our prayer.  May the Lord bless you and watch over you throughout the year 2019. 

 In His Service,                                                                                                                       

Ahpu and Acha Nguapha

Children's Home Update - December 2018

To the supporters of AMC’s Childrens Home,                                                                                  January 29, 2019

            We thank you all for your continued support throughout 2018. The parents of our Children’s Home, Ahti & Warin are doing well. We were able to visit and spend time with them during our recent visit to Chiang Mai. Ahti is currently in Burma visiting his parents and siblings. He had not been to Burma to see them in over 25 years, so this is a very special trip for him! Ahti and Warin continue to work hard to earn income through the mango farm they own, as well as through pastoring a congregation in a nearby village.

            Ahna, the eldest girl in the Children’s Home, got married this year! She is now living with her husband in Chiang Mai and works at a coffee shop. She has been doing well. Ahnyi, the next eldest, is studying in college. She has shared with us that she wants to be a tourist guide, or work in a hotel, and these are reputable jobs to have in Thailand. This past fall, she completed an internship at a hotel and really enjoyed it. Out of all the kids, Ahnyi is who we can communicate the best with. It has been so special to build a relationship with her over the past few years, despite the cultural and communication barrier that exist.

            Arisra and Pai are the other two girls living at the Children’s Home and they are continuing their studies in school. Arisra is 14 and Pai is 12. Ahti & Warin’s biological children, Esther & David are also doing well! While it is challenging to communicate with the kids, we enjoyed playing badmitton, shopping, and simply spending time with them. Ahnyi & David’s birthday fell while we were in Thailand! We made a special trip to see everyone for their birthdays and took the kids cake and ice cream. It was a fun celebration!


            As mentioned in the initial update, AMC was able to bless the kids with some special gifts around Christmas thanks to a few donors. The 5 kids had been sharing 3 bikes and AMC was able to purchase 2 more bikes thanks to a donor who was passionate about purchasing something for them that they wanted. Additionally, a group of donors decided to pull together resources to provide money for the kids to use to buy items they wanted. Some of the girls bought clothes, shoes, makeup, body spray, jewelry and ear muffs to use on cool mornings as they ride motorbikes to school. The excitement and joy the kids expressed over the generosity of people they’ve never met was just so sweet. Thank you to those who made the holiday season extra special for these kids!


Please continue to pray for AMC’s Children’s Home and thank you so much for your continued support of this important ministry!

2018 Year-End Update

Dear friends and supporters of Asian Mission for Christ,                                                    January 29, 2019

            Enclosed you will find updates on the various aspects of our ministry, including a letter from Ahpu on LBI and his and the other native missionaries’ work, and an update on the Children’s Home. Year-end giving receipts are also included for tax filing purposes. We are all so grateful for your continued support of the important work being done through AMC. Please know that your giving continues to be disbursed however you designate.

            2018 was another big year for AMC. We would like to highlight the year in an attempt to capture how God is working through this organization. Earlier in 2018, members of the AMC leadership team visited churches to share about the organization and provide updates. We had the opportunity to visit two churches that have been invested in the work of AMC for many years, First Christian Church of Monmouth and Marysville Christian Church. We also re-visited a new church partner from late 2017, Trinity Lutheran Church in Jeromesville, OH. All these visits provided many opportunities for sharing about AMC, answering questions, and thanking members in person for their support. It was so nice to meet people face-to-face who are dedicated to the work of AMC. We thank all these churches for hosting us and we look forward to connecting with more congregations in the future.

Our Children’s Home received a surprise blessing earlier this year. Through DSW Inc.’s philanthropic program, “Shoe Lovers Care Lead the Way”, Tiffany Weller, one of our board members, applied for a grant on behalf of AMC’s Children’s Home.  The program rewards the passion DSW associates show through giving their time and leadership to non-profit organizations. We were so excited to learn that AMC was chosen to receive a $3,000 grant! The leadership team of AMC has decided to use these funds to make a lasting impact. When we began supporting Ahti & Warin’s Children’s Home, we knew we wanted to raise enough support to put all the kids through college. We didn’t know how we would do this, but we did know that college in Thailand is very affordable compared to the US. We are excited to share that we are currently funding Ahnyi, the eldest child in the Children’s Home, as she pursues college education! The $3,000 will be able to cover ALL her college expenses over 4 years! How awesome is our God? He provided what we prayed for and we are so grateful for this blessing!

            Additionally, in November four of us from the AMC board (Jeremiah, Alison, Ben & Tiffany) travelled to Thailand. We brought along four other friends with us, and we were able to show them LBI as well as the Children’s Home. We spent time playing with the kids and sharing the story of AMC with our friends. We focused on getting to know the current LBI students, as well as assessing needs and opportunities for continued growth. A few donors gave money for us to use specifically to purchase gifts for the kids, things that they wanted versus needed. What a blessing it was to witness the joy on their faces when they got to freely purchase gifts that they wanted. Sometimes it is these small experiences that remind them that God continues to watch over them, and cares deeply for them. What an honor to represent AMC and all the supporters for the work of God’s kingdom in Southeast Asia.  

             All in all, 2018 was a year of continued growth for AMC. LBI was reopened and this was a major goal for a long time. The work of LBI to train Christian leaders continues to be desperately in need among the Lisu communities. The 1st school year for LBI has been completely funded. We are now looking towards the 2nd year of LBI being open. Current students will go into their 2nd year of classes, and new students will be enrolled for their 1st year of study. AMC is actively seeking to raise funds so that LBI can continue to expand and function at full capacity. LBI needs $3,000/month when operating at full capacity. Currently, LBI receives about $600/month, which has been sufficient since only 1 year of students are enrolled. In the coming 2nd year, AMC will need to send LBI more monthly support in order to provide for more students and faculty members. We are planning for a minimum budget of $1,000/month for the next school year, which starts in June. We also hope to raise enough funds to do some much needed small renovation projects around the campus including fixing the vehicle shelter and doing plumbing work. While at LBI this past November, we interviewed the current students and hope to focus our 2019 fundraising efforts on student sponsorship through creating short video clips on each student. Please consider reaching out to other churches or individuals who may be interested in hearing about the work of AMC! We would love opportunities in 2019 to share about our organization, and specifically LBI, with new congregations. Please be praying for this.

            In addition to the previous areas of growth, AMC grew financially in 2018. Total donations received increased by 28% when compared to 2017! A portion of this growth came from one-time donations, like the DSW grant, and we pray that 2019 will bring continued financial growth so that AMC’s impact can reach further into the heart of the Lisu people in Southeast Asia.

In conclusion, we want to sincerely thank you all for your support of AMC. We are passionate about the work we can do state-side, but without your monetary support, and more importantly, prayer support, AMC would not be where it is today. You each play a vital role in the work being done! Please continue to pray for AMC and for the ministries you will read about in the following pages.

In Christ,

The AMC Leadership Team 

LBI Update - June 2018


Since Ahpu sent us the above update, we have been told a more recent update that we thought should be shared. As of June 5th, Ahpu shared with us that he is now at the Lisu Bible Institute and that LBI is starting a new school year, after being scaled back to just being used for short-term seminars for the past 2 years due to decreasing support. LBI is doing a "soft open" with a few teachers, 1 cook and 10 students. LBI is hoping to admit more students down the road as resources are available. An opening service is being held on June 17th. Although there is not enough regular income to fully operate LBI as Ahpu shared above, Ahpu & the LBI leadership team hope and pray that the Lord will provide for its needs.

LBI also has a need for someone to teach English to students. When the Lisu students can learn English, it greatly expands their access to Christian literature to aid in their walk with Christ. It also allows them to be more marketable after they graduate from LBI, as in most cases they have to obtain a job to support themselves, in addition to their role as a pastor in their community. If you know of anyone who may be interested in volunteering to teach English at LBI, please let us know. We'd love to connect with them and share more information!

If you do not already, will you prayerfully consider helping support LBI? As a reminder, LBI's goal is to train and educate the Lisu's own people, so that they can graduate after 4 years with a Biblical degree, and return to their communities to minister to their people. The Lisu Christian community is severely lacking in trained Christian leaders, and many churches will go months without a pastor coming to teach. Lisu Christians are hungry for the Word and eager to grow in their faith. With often only a Bible and hymnal, they struggle to grow without someone to lead them. LBI's goal is to produce Christian leaders to help meet this need throughout Thailand, China & Burma.

To operate LBI at full capacity, approximately $3,000/month is required. This includes ALL the costs for the school and students. The main costs behind running LBI include: professor’s salary, food, and maintenance costs. Just to put this in perspective, it costs about the same to pay a full year of tuition for one student in a private college here in the U.S., as it does to fund LBI for an entire year with 6-8 professors and more than 40 students. Your support goes far and it’s amazing how much of an impact our resources can have for God’s kingdom work! We currently have about 20% of LBI’s monthly needs funded. If this is something you feel led to support, or you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

-AMC Leadership Team

Ahpu & Native Missionaries Update Letter - June 2018

Dear Christian friends and supporters of Asian Mission for Christ,

Thanks to you all for supporting Ahpu's family and ministry of native missionaries in Southeast Asia through AMC faithfully. Every one of us in our family and our native fellow workers in Christ are doing well. This letter is proposed to report a mission update from January-April 2018. May the Lord bless you as you read this mission report.

One of our primary focuses currently is to start LBI (Lisu Bible Institute) back up. The purpose of the school is to train up disciples and leaders so they can go back and minister to local villages. In the past, we have graduated many students and have accomplished many evangelism missions. Many have come to know Christ through our school. LBI has scaled back operations over the past two years due to decreasing support of this ministry. Our leadership team and local members are in talks of reopening it again in the coming June. Though LBI struggles financially and we do not currently have support required to fully operate the school, our vision is to start back up with very few faculty members and students in faith that the Lord will provide its needs as we operate. There are still uncertainties but we seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance; please keep LBI in your prayer. We believe this ministry is vital to the Lisu people.

Our ministry in Thailand continues to grow and evolve. This year I had the privilege of teach Lisus in India for the first time. In January I taught at Lahu (another tribal group) Christian leadership training center in Doi-Sa-Ket, Chiangmai, Thailand. About 40 Lahu Christian leaders from many different churches came for the training. One of my former students conducted the training, and four other teachers taught as well. We taught in a class room setting from 8:00am to 5:00pm every day. Lunch was served at noon.

In February, I made a trip to India. I had the opportunity to visit a Lisu community in India. I was invited among several missionaries to go teach the word of God and provide discipleship training. A medical ministry group also tagged along to bless locals with free medical services. This was some of the most remote Lisu village in the hills of India. Getting to this village requires driving to a make-shift airbase, taking a helicopter ride, and trekking for hours up the mountains! A little hard to imagine in this twenty first century world that we live in. God provided protection throughout the trip. Lisu from ten different churches traveled for miles from the surrounding areas over the course of two weeks to hear myself and the team teach all day. We ate together, communed with one another, and worshipped together. I also went to preach at a Naga Christian church. The Naga are another tribal group. This Naga church was started by Lisu Christian leaders, and now the Naga Christians are self-sustaining. One of the Naga Christian leaders came for the Lisu Christian leadership training seminar since he also understood the Lisu language. He was trained in a Lisu Bible School in northern Burma many years ago. He has expressed his eagerness to learn more about the Bible and he looks forward to our team returning to India to teach Bible to the Naga Christians in near future.

The Lisu people live very far from the city. No cars go to the Lisu area, and no planes go there except helicopters. The Lisus walk on foot to the nearby city. It usually takes 4 to 7 days to get to the nearby city. They must carry supplies on their backs, or on horse’s backs. However, very few own horses. The road from one village to the other is rough, stony, dusty, and muddy. It is muddy when it rains, and it is dusty when it is sunny. No electricity here. No T.V. and no internet. Most of the villages have no cars and no motorbikes. Every village is surrounded by deep forests. Most Lisu people in these villages are Christians. These Lisu Christians are working to reach out to their local Indian neighbors. A number of churches have been successfully planted in this area.

In March, I had the privilege to teach a short-term Bible training seminar at Pa-Tue Lisu Christian Church. Lisu Christian leaders from seven churches came for the training seminar. About 50 Lisu Christian leaders came for the training seminar. Most of them were women. Classes began at 8:00am and ended at 4:00pm every day. The pastor at Pa-Tue church was Ya- Xue, a graduate of LBI.

In April, I went to teach at another short-term Bible training seminar held at Hui-Nam-Dang village, hosted by two LBI graduate couples. The village has more than a hundred families, but less than half of them are Christians. This village is a three-hour drive from Chiangmai. About 40 people came for the Bible training seminar. While I was there, I had the privilege of attending multiple home prayer meetings. Through the labors of a LBI graduate couple, the church grew, and several new converts have been added to the growing number of believers. One of the village shaman's (witch doctor) sons recently became a Christian. He and his wife are actively involved in church activities. Another woman, who was tortured by evil spirits and almost died under the treatment of shamans and monks, also came to accept the Gospel. It was her final hope. Christians in the village gathered singing hymns and praying for the woman. After singing and praying three times, the evil spirit left her and she was healed. Shamans and the monks witnessed the result of God's power, but their hearts are still hardened. The Holy spirit will continue to convict their hearts. We serve a true and powerful God!

In April I also had the opportunity to teach a Bible training seminar at Lin-Luang village. A couple of LBI graduates are pastoring a church there. The church has about thirty families, and about 35-45 people came for the Bible training seminar. The village is about 30-40 minutes’ drive from LBI. I taught from 9:00am to 3:00pm with a lunch break at noon. Most of the people who attended this Bible training seminar were elderly. After the training sessions, I was presented a gift of Lisu hand bag. These bags are unique in color and design. I was very thankful for it.

In the same month I was also invited to teach a Bible training seminar at Borneo Lisu Christian church. For a few days, I taught from 9:00am to noon. Most of the attendees were young people from Chiangmai. More than 40 people came for training seminar. At the end of the month, I was invited to teach in a leadership training seminar at Mae-Ja village. The village has more than a hundred families, and over 60 families are Christians. 3

All the native missionaries are doing Well. Wuzziah is serving effectively in Tachilek area among the Lisu, Lahu, and Ahka people. There was a large youth camp held in Tachilek area and hundreds of youth gathered there for a week. He also travels to churches and teaches Bible training seminars with his friends. He is the chairman of the mission board in his area. Another native missionary named Jeyki is also serving as a Bible school professor at Eastern Myanmar Bible Institute, and as a pastor at Hlai-Ta-Ya Christian church. He travels to Ta-Nai to teach at Fu-Gong Bible school from time to time. He is now in northern Myanmar and conducting youth camp. More than 250 young people came for the camp.

Another native missionary, Ngwalisi is teaching Bible at Bethany Lisu Bible School in Myitkyina, northern Myanmar. He is dean of students at Bethany. He and his family live on campus. Bethany has about 80 students each year. Most of the students are Lisu, but other tribal individuals who understand Burmese also come to study Bible at Bethany. This school has two sections. Lisu language section for the Lisu students and Burmese language section for other Burmese speaking students. Ngwalisi is teaching at Burmese section.

Our other native missionaries, Thomas, Jeypi, and Charlie are teaching at Myitkyina Christian Seminary. The seminary has college level of training and master level training. The total number of students is about forty. Most of the students are Lisu, and there are some other tribal students as well. The school year begins in May and ends in February. During school break, a group of professors and students went to Putao, northern Myanmar for an evangelistic trip. They went to visit and encourage many Lisu churches. The three native missionaries (teaching Bible at MCS) also went with the evangelistic group of the school. Please keep Myitkyina Christian Seminary and Bethany Lisu Bible School in your prayer that it can continue to be an effective institution to train leaders.

Thank you for partnering with AMC through your prayer and your financial support. Your partnership in the ministry is vital in carrying out the command of the Lord in Southeast Asia.

The man with the orange T-shirt was a student of LBI. His name is Yaku. He completed 3 years at LBI. He is now working as a pastor and an evangelist in several Lisu village near Myanmar border area. He wants to complete his studies at LBI. Please, keep him and LBI in your prayer. Recently, eight people converted to Christ from animism through his ministry. Though he has only completed third year studies at LBI, he's serving full-time as a graduate of LBI. LBI aims to produce such Lisu Christian leaders, as many as possible, through your partnership in the ministry.

In His Service,

Ahpu Nguapha Ahpu and Acha Nguapha

Children's Home Update - June 2018

Dear supporters of AMC & our Children’s Home,

I am sending my greetings and my report. We all are doing well through AMC’s supporting and powerful prayers. We thank our supporters so much for buying a new motorcycle for the girls. It will be very useful and very convenient to ride for the girls and their school too. We are so thankful because the girls are much improving in their education and their spiritual and everyday lives. I believe this is the benefit of AMC contributing and supporting for them.

The last final examination one of the girls got the first marks among 35 students from her class and my daughter Esther also received the first marks among 37 students from her class. We don’t know yet about the other scores, Ahnyi, Pai and LinLin, but we will see it soon. Now we all are preparing for the girls to buy things for their school and to pay for their school tuition.

The last March, we had a great summer childrens camp at my village. There were 65 children who attended the camp and we taught and encouraged many things with actions so the children were very excited to learn and to study about the Bible and the life of Christ. We don’t want to lose the opportunity for young people in the village. The last summer, our childrens camp helped much for those who were living in darkness to shine the light of God and to fill the good news for their life when they were young. I am so happy to teach for young people at summer camp.

Otherwise, in April we had a great night with youth music outreach ministry in our village. There were 16 youths who came from Chiang Mai and they presented many shows using drama, dance, and worship songs to encourage and share testimonies to the young people in the church. It helped young people to be inspired and to open up their hearts to live their life for Christ and to preach to others. We celebrated Easter Day four weeks ago and we had lunch together with church members after church service. Everything is going well by the grace of God.

I am so thankful to God because there were two people who repented from their sins and accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, so they were baptized by the name of trinity God last Sunday morning. Please continue pray because there are still 5 people left to be baptized at my church. Please send our family’s many thanks on to those who help support the girls. We could not care for these children without their faithful support. May the Lord richly bless you all.

Yours sincerely, Ahti & Warin

June 2018 Update Letter

Dear friends and supporters of Asian Mission for Christ,

Enclosed you will find updates on the various aspects of our ministry. Ahpu wrote an update letter on his mission work as well as some of the other native missionaries work. Ahti shared a letter about his family and the children’s home. We are all so grateful for your continued support of the important work being done through AMC. Please know that your giving continues to be disbursed however you designate.

Stateside, we have been blessed with opportunities to visit new and existing supporters of AMC. So far, this year we have been able to visit 3 churches and share about work being done. These trips have given us many opportunities to share in person about why we are so passionate about AMC. We have been able to talk with churchgoers, share stories, pictures, and videos from overseas, and answer any questions that come up. We are grateful to the congregations who have hosted us, and have found these visits to be incredibly engaging and beneficial. We hope to continue spreading awareness about AMC through similar opportunities in the future. If you are an existing supporter & would like us to come visit, or know of a church/small group who may be interested in hearing about AMC, please let us know!

We’d like to share just one example of how we have witnessed God provide through AMC. Last year, the father of the Children’s Home we support, Ahti, reached out to us with a need. He shared that he and his wife had a need for another motorcycle to transport children to school. They were, at the time, piling 4 children on 1 motorcycle. This was obviously a safety hazard and while Ahti was hesitant to ask us for help, we are so glad he did! Through the generous support of many, we are excited to share that in March of this year, we were able to provide the money needed for Ahti to purchase a motorcycle.

We want to send a special thank you to the Ringler family, as many contributions made in memory of Rich Ringler helped to fund the purchase of this motorcycle. As a reminder, regular announcements/photos etc. can also be found on Asian Mission for Christ’s Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/AsianMissionForChrist. We will continue to update our website: www.asianmissionforchrist.org as well. Additionally, you can find current and past update letters uploaded on this site.

In conclusion, we want to sincerely thank you all for your support of AMC. We are passionate about the work we can do state-side, but without your monetary support and prayers, AMC would not be where it is today. You each play a vital role in the work being done! Please continue to pray for AMC, for our growth and specifically for the opening of LBI, as you will read about in Ahpu’s letter. You can reach us anytime at asianmissionforchrist@gmail.com or by calling 419-606-8494.

Jeremiah Nguapha & the AMC Leadership Team (Alison Nguapha, Ben & Tiffany Weller Jason & Jenise Potter, George & Mary Potter)

Update Letter from Ahpu - December 2017

Dear supporters and Christian friends of AMC,

            Greetings to you all from Nguapha family and fellow servants of AMC.  The year 2017 has flown by and 2018 is here.  I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity for another year of service and pray He continues to do so.  Thanks for your partnership in the ministry of AMC through faithful prayer and support.  May the Lord offer heavenly blessings to brothers and sisters in Christ in this new year 2018, giving you good health and many joyous moments.

The Nguapha family and fellow workers of AMC are doing well through prayer and God's care.  Jeremiah and Alison are in Columbus, Ohio serving as forwarding agents of AMC w/their good friends Ben & Tiffany Weller. Ben & Tiffany were married in October of 2017!  Lois is studying at ORU in Tulsa, OKlahoma.  Anna is working in a hospital in Bangkok.  Ellie is working as a flight attendant with Norwegian Airlines.  Asher is in eighth grade and goes to Varee Chiang Mai School in Thailand.  Acha is at home in Chiang Mai and taking care of Asher.  Recently I’ve travelled to China, Burma, Malaysia, and India to teach Bible to Lisu Christian leaders. I have plans to travel to North East India in February, 2018 to teach Bible.

In September 2017, I went to Putao, Northern Burma to teach Bible to Lisu Christian leaders for a week.  I went to Mulashidi village in Putao, and taught Bible to 300 teachers, elders, deacons, Sunday School teachers, and worship leaders for a week.  These Lisu Christian leaders came from 43 churches.  I also went to preach the Word in four different Lisu churches and spoke at two Bible Schools in that area. The Lisu Christians gave me a warm welcome and invited me to teach in the future.

In the first week of October 2017, from Monday to Wednesday, I went to teach a group of Lisu Christian leaders at Bethany village in Chiang Mai.  They came from various Lisu churches from northern Thailand and central Thailand. In attendance there were preachers and teachers.  I taught for three hours each day for three days. Shortly after, I had to go to the China border to teach a group of Lisu Christian leaders from China.

            I travelled to the China border for a two week training with my friends from Myitkyina, northern Burma.  Three native missionaries supported by AMC also went with me.  We were there for two weeks.  More than forty Lisu Christian leaders from Lisu communities in China were in attendance for the Bible training.  The training center was a half hour drive from the border.  The training began at 6:30am and ended at 9:00pm.  Breakfast break was at 8:30am and lunch break was at 12:30pm and dinner break was at 5:30pm.  These folks are very hungry for the Word, and studied hard all day long.  I took more 70 copies of Hermeneutics, a book I’ve written in the Lisu language. I taught them various lessons from the book of Hermeneutics. All of the 70 copies were distributed.  They even asked for the Bible I was using!  Please, keep them in your prayer as the need for leadership and literature resources continues to be in need.

In November 2017, I went to Malaysia to teach Bible to the Lisu Christian leaders.  I travelled there with two fellow workers.  It was my first time in Malaysia.  The Lisu Christians in Malaysia are originally from Burma. Many of them were there as refugees and waiting to be granted an opportunity to work in developed countries.  Lisu Christian leaders are effectively leading the churches there and they are also witnessing to non-Christians.  Many of non-Christian Burmese people are becoming Christians through their effort.  We were there with them for a week.  They requested that I teach them about church leadership. I also preached on Sunday following the training. A few of us trained leaders also took the opportunity to visit two non-Christian families and witnessed to them about Christ.

In the third week of November 2017, I went to a Lisu Thanksgiving to preach along with my brother, Ahpi, and son, Asher.  It was a three hour drive from Chiang Mai.  The Lisu Christians celebrate Thanksgiving after the harvest of the new crops.  The Christians in the village would bring some of their harvest to the church at the Thanksgiving church service. Christians from several nearby villages gather corporately to celebrate Thanksgiving.  At the Thanksgiving service, the Christians from the host village would sing songs and perform dances to the music.  We ate together during the celebrations.  It’s a time of rejoicing and thanksgiving.  The fruits, vegetables, corns, beans, and rice etc. that were brought to the church were given as an offering to the pastor of the church.  They were also given to other church pastors who came for the event

In December I went to preach a Christmas message at three villages where graduates of LBI are serving as pastors.  The first village was Hoi-Nam-Dang, where two couples of LBI graduates are serving.  Christians from five different churches came for the Christmas celebration.  More than two hundred Christians gathered there.  There were two services during the day, and I preached on the first day of the celebration. The second village was in Mae-Teng where two LBI graduates are serving as pastors.  I went there with Jeremiah, Anna and her son, Lois, and Asher.  The church served a Christmas meal after the church service.  I preached a Christmas message there from Luke chapter one.

            The third village was Hoi-Nam-Rim, where a graduate of LBI is serving as pastor for more than a decade.  Under his leadership the church grew in numbers, and they built a large wooded church building.  I went there with my children, Lois and Asher, and preached a Christmas message on Sunday.  The church served a meal following the service, and the meal was delicious.

All the native missionaries are doing well, and they send their greetings.  Jekyi is teaching full time at the Eastern Bible Institute.  He is also preaching at Hlai-Ta-Ya Christian Church.  He visits non-Christian homes regularly and shares the message of Christ.  During summer months he goes to Ta-Nai and teaches Bible at Fung-Gone Bible School. Ta-Nai is located in northern Burma.  Ngwalisi teaches Bible full-time at Berea Bible Training School, in Myitkyina, northern Burma.  He also serves as a dorm parent.  Berea Bible Training School has more than 70 students.  Thomas, Jeypi, and Charlie are teaching Bible full-time at Myitkyina Christian Seminary.  MCS has 43 students this year.  They are all doing well. Wuzziah serves in Tachilek, in Shan State, Burma.  He serves as Chairman of Evangelistic Association.  He travels with his fellow workers to village churches. A graduate of LBI is planting a new church in Shan State.    

            In Shan State four new Christians were baptized.  The stream was not deep enough to give baptism, so they had to build a place of baptism by piling stones in the water.  They piled stones in the river until the water was deep enough to give baptism.  The four new Christians were immersed there in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Thanks for your prayer and financial support for the native missionaries. All of them are serving the Lord faithfully because of your support. Please, continue to support them and keep them in your prayer.

Thank you again for your continued support and prayer for AMC.

            In His Service,

            Ahpu and Acha Nguapha

Year End Update Letter - December 2017


                We are excited to be sending out this 2017 year end update. A lot has happened within Asian Mission for Christ (AMC) in 2017 and we are enthusiastic about the direction God is leading us in. As mentioned in our previous update, one of our biggest organizational accomplishments in 2017 was getting approval for AMC as an official 501(c)(3) non-profit.

                Enclosed you will find updates on the various aspects of our ministry. Ahpu wrote an update letter on his mission work as well as some of the other native missionaries work. Ahti shared a letter about his family and the children’s home. Tax-deductible receipts for 2017 are enclosed as well. We are all so grateful for your endless support of the important work being done through AMC.

                At the beginning of this month, AMC’s leadership team sat down and thought through what AMC’s goals should be in the year 2018. We have many visions, hopes and plans and pray God will bless them and bring them to fruition! One of our main areas of focus this year will be to raise funds for the Lisu Bible Institute (LBI) so that it can hopefully be opened soon for classes to resume. AMC firmly believes that the mission of LBI is central to everything else we do as an organization. Through LBI, the kingdom of God is successfully and sustainably spread. In order to raise additional support for AMC and LBI, we are reaching out to new churches and individuals. In October of 2017, we traveled to a church in Jeromesville, OH that a current supporter had connected us to. We were given the opportunity to share about AMC. Jeremiah shared about the basic components of AMC, LBI and his father’s work. Alison shared some personal stories of what LBI students do after they graduate. Tiffany focused on the children’s home and raising awareness for poor, at-risk children in Thailand. Ben shared a personal testimony from his trips to Thailand. This was a very fruitful and exciting experience for us all and we hope to continue sharing about AMC! If you know an individual, small group or church that may be open to learning about AMC, please connect us to them!

                We are also working to spread the news of AMC through social media. We have found that this is an effective way to send out updates and post pictures as we receive them from our missionaries in Thailand. We recently created an Asian Mission for Christ Facebook page and you can find it at: www.facebook.com/AsianMissionForChrist. We will continue to update our website: www.asianmissionforchrist.org as well. As a reference, you can also find current and past update letters uploaded on this site.

                In conclusion, we want to sincerely thank you all for your support of AMC. We are passionate about the work we can do state-side, but without your monetary support and prayers, none of our efforts would be worthwhile! Please continue to pray for AMC, for our growth and specifically for funding for LBI. You can reach us anytime at asianmissionforchrist@gmail.com or by calling 419-606-8494.      

                                                                                                                               In Christ,

  Jeremiah Nguapha & the AMC Leadership Team (Alison Nguapha, Ben & Tiffany Weller, Jason & Jenise Potter, George & Mary Potter)

Update Letter From Children's Home - December 2017

Dear friends,

I am sending my greetings to every one of our supporters, in the name of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. We all are doing well through your powerful prayers and support. Now I am writing an updated report of 2017. I also want to let you know updates on the children and my family, on things we have done and are doing.

First of all, we are so thankful to God for His protection and provision for the whole year in 2017 and everything is going well. We are also so thankful to those who have committed to help and support our ministry. We can’t do anything without your support and we are so grateful for your generous support every month.

God glorified our church ministry in the village this past year. I have seen many people whose lives have been changed by hearing the Gospel of God. Eleven people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior this past year. We are serving and preaching the word of God faithfully and many people have repented and committed their lives to serving the Lord.

I am writing to share about the girls and their activities every day. We usually wake up at 5:30am Monday to Friday. My wife Warin cooks their breakfast and also takes the girls to school every morning. She rides with three girls with a motorcycle. Otherwise, one of the older girls, Ahnyi, takes the girls to school every morning. After school, all the girls help to cook for dinner. They sweep and clean and work on their school assignments. Before bed, we teach the Bible and have a study, worship and prayer time. We sing songs together and pray for one another.  On the weekend, we usually all travel 1 hour away to my church in the village. The girls help serve and we all worship together on Sunday.

This last September, all the girls were sick and they had to be absent from school for almost a week. After one week they were all better and were able to attend school again.

This last December, Ahna, our eldest girl, got into a motorcycle accident while she was riding to buy vegetables at a market. She fell hard and was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, she healed well but we were fined because the accident was her fault and we had to pay to repair the other vehicle involved. We have learned to be content through whatever circumstances we endure, and in every situation. We are thankful that she was not seriously injured.

Now, we are preparing and teaching about  baptism to Pai because she wants to be baptized. She is eleven years old and I hope she will be ready to be baptized soon. Please pray for Pai, this is a great thing for her to commit to God.

Aislam is 13 and is also doing well. Lily is our newest girl who is 8. Her mother is a single mom who has 5 children and works hard, but cannot provide for them all so we have taken in Lily at her mother’s desperate request. We are having to talk with the Thai government about getting her an ID card because she doesn’t have one. She cannot stay at our home or attend school without an ID card. Please pray that this is resolved so Lily can stay with us.

I and my wife are very satisfied. We have the best opportunity to work and to take care of orphans and children who are helpless and hopeless. Our goal is to raise them up with wisdom and stature and in favor with God.  Please pray for the girls, their education and for them to shine the light of Christ in their lives.

Ahnyi is now 18 and will be finished with high school the next year. I am worried about supporting her education for college because the expenses are significantly higher than for high school. Ahna has a job at a coffee shop and she is working hard. She also studies for school every weekend.  

We spent a great amount of time at the last Christmas celebration. We all were so happy to meet Alison and Jeremiah. Their visit is perfect for us, it makes us and the girls very happy and makes us strong and encouraged to work for orphans. The girls also performed songs and dance at Christmas and New Year celebrations. Warin and I were so pleased and encouraged from God because the girl’s lives are changing and their hearts are open to follow His will, and to worship and serve Him. We are thankful to God for inspiring the girl’s hearts to know Him more closely in their daily lives.

Please continue to pray for us and our ministry in Thailand. We are so thankful for your contributions. Every amount you give is essential & used to provide for these children and their future. We are so grateful for your support and for helping orphans and our ministry.

May the Lord richly bless you all,

Ahti, Warin & the girls (Ahna, Ahnyi, Aislam, Pai & Lily)

July 2017 General Update Letter

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Dear friends and supporters of Asian Mission for Christ,

Enclosed you will find many updates regarding the happenings in eastern Asia, and here stateside. It surely is an exciting time and God is moving within and amongst all parts of AMC. On behalf of the board of AMC, I am so very excited to share that we were recently informed that our application to the IRS for tax exempt status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization has been approved! We received notification of this via mail on June 26th. This is a huge blessing to the organization and will continue allowing your donations to be tax-exempt. Thank you for your prayers surrounding this!

Additionally, like before, we’ve included updates on all parts of AMC. We like to share how all avenues of the organization are doing but know that your donations are given exactly how you designate them.

As a reminder, you can connect with us anytime by emailing asianmissionforchrist@gmail.com, calling 419-606-8494 or visiting our website at asianmissionforchrist.org. Regular updates about the orphanage are posted on a Facebook group page called: Chiang Mai Children’s Home – Ahti’s Orphanage so please feel free to follow us there as well! If you have not sent us email contact information, please do so with your next donation so we can keep our records up to date. We’d love to send out updates electronically in order to distribute information more quickly, and to save on printing and mailing expenses. We would still mail out updates to those who would like to receive letters, as we know this is a valuable & preferred method of receiving updates for some.

Currently, AMC’s greatest need is to adequately fund the Lisu Bible Institute (LBI). When LBI is in session and students are being taught, it is a very effective way to train leaders to take the Gospel back to their own villages upon graduation. LBI needs $3,000 per month to operate which includes basic expenses as well as professors’ salaries and students’ tuition, as most LBI students cannot afford tuition on their own. If we can get at least $2,000 per month, LBI will be able to bring in professors and students to begin a semester, in hopes of building from there to reach $3,000 per month. Right now, AMC receives about $300 per month for LBI. Please let us know if you or your church know of any individuals or groups who may be interested in supporting LBI. We would love to share more with them!

Thank you for your continued support of AMC. Without your generosity, the work being done in Thailand, China & Burma that you are about to read of would not be possible.

Kindest Regards,

Jeremiah Nguapha and AMC Board


Chiang Mai Children's Home Update - July 2017

In April of 2017, Ahti’s church hosted a VBS/summer camp type event for 1 week. Ahti shared:

“Together from three villages, there were over 80 kids who attended. It was a great time to spend with the kids. We divided the kids into three groups and taught them for four days. It was a very good time to have a summer camp for the kids. The kids were very happy and they wanted to have this camp again next year!”


In May of 2017, Ahti reached out to AMC for support of an orphan girl named Aislam. Aislam had previously lived in a remote village with her elderly grandparents. Her grandparents were struggling to provide for her needs, especially her education. Thanks to some current donors who increased their giving, and new donors, Ahti & his wife Warin were able to take Aislam into their home and begin providing care for her. Aislam has so far greatly enjoyed her time at the home.

All of the children started back to school in May and are doing well in their studies. Ahti & Warin recently took the children to a garden for a family outing and they all had a wonderful time! The family has also been working hard on their mango farm. Ahti uses the proceeds from this farm to supplement his income as a pastor. Yielding a good mango crop is hard work but the whole family works together!

Ahti and Warin frequently send us their thanks for support of their mission work. Without the support of AMC, they would not be able to provide care for the girls that they’ve taken in. They are immensely grateful. Thank you so much for your financial support and prayers of this important work. It is deeply appreciated!

Update Letter from Ahpu - July 2017

Dear Christian friends and supporters of AMC,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord from the Nguapha family. Jeremiah and his wife Alison Nguapha, along with their friends Ben Weller & Tiffany Urig, are serving as forwarding agents for AMC. By God's grace we are doing fine and serving our Lord Jesus Christ faithfully in Thailand, Burma, and China among the Lisu people. Our ministry involves preaching, teaching, and Lisu Christian literature production. Our ministry is possible because of your faithful support and partnership. Thanks for your support.

In January 2017, Ahpu went to teach Hermeneutics to the Lisu pastors and preachers in Myitkyina, northern Burma for a week. There were more than a hundred pastors and preachers from Tanai, Myitkyina, Pawa, and China came for the training. We had a good time during training and the pastors and preachers were greatly empowered and renewed their strength to serve vitally in their respective area. The preachers from China provided their own transportation and food during the training. Every one of them were greatly encouraged through the training and strengthen to serve him more. They even invited Ahpu to come to their village in China to teach. They also took many books written by Ahpu to China.

In February 2017, Ahpu went to China to teach a week. It was cold and snowing. Some of the Lisu preachers did not come, but most of them came for the training. Ahpu had a good time. The host pastor killed a goat for Ahpu and the preachers. Ahpu had a five day training and had a good fellowship with the preachers. Two of the preachers were establishing new churches among the Lisu people. One of them named Hosea is evangelizing in a new non-Christian area and established a church of 200 new converts. The new converts do not know how to read and write Lisu, so he and his co-workers are teaching the new converts now to read and write Lisu. They are hoping that the new converts will be able to read the Bible in the near future. The host preacher was leading more than 42 churches a year ago, but he is now leading more than 70 churches in his area. Some of the preachers from this training are now starting new training centers in other areas. They provide their own training costs. They will be able to train many more. David and Sothini are the main teachers in the new training centers. Titus is also starting a new training center in his area.

During March and April 2017, Ahpu taught at three short term Bible trainings in Chiang Mai, Thailand among the Lisu people. One was in a Lisu village a hundred kilometers north of Chiang Mai. The village was called Lin-Luang. The preacher and his wife in that church were graduates of L.B.I. Thufusa and I went there to teach. I taught 7 Churches from Revelation. The leaders of that church were really encouraged to stand firm in the Lord. More than 40 people came for the training. Thufusa, my co-worker, taught music, especially singing choirs.

Ahpu taught Hermeneutics to a group of Lisu Christians in Chiang Mai during water festival. More than 40 people came for the training during water festival. Water festival is not a Christian festival, so Christians hold short term Bible trainings during that time to prevent their children from going to the water festival. During that week little children were also having summer Bible school. In fact, at L.B.I. different Christian groups held Vacation Bible Schools one group after another group for a whole month in April. There were Lisus, Chinese, and Lahu Christian youth and kids came for Vacation Bible Schools at L.B.I. Though L.B.I. is not operating as a Bible School right now, it is used for Christian training purposes regularly.

The young people those who came for Bible training during water festival were serious in Bible study. Most of them were from Burma. They came to Chiang Mai to work in restaurants, markets, and construction companies to make their living. Many of them were singles, but some of them were married couples. They came to work in Chiang Mai because their life in Burma is hard. They do not have permanent home here and they live temporarily here in Chiang Mai.

L.B.I. held a regathering of Alumni in early May. There were more than 30 graduates of L.B.I. who came for it. Ahpu taught Church Leadership to these L.B.I. alumni for two full days. All the graduates of L.B.I., those who came for the alumni regathering, are in the ministry. Most of them are preachers and pastors. Two of them came from Burma. They serve in Burma as preachers and Bible School teachers. They had a good time at L.B.I. It was like former days at L.B.I. They also helped clean the campus. They cooked and ate at L.B.I. as former days. They were greatly fueled for their ministry. Please, keep L.B.I. and L.B.I. alumni in your prayer. Please, keep Ahpu's family in your constant prayer.

In His Service,

Ahpu and Acha Nguapha