Chiang Mai Children's Home Update - July 2017

In April of 2017, Ahti’s church hosted a VBS/summer camp type event for 1 week. Ahti shared:

“Together from three villages, there were over 80 kids who attended. It was a great time to spend with the kids. We divided the kids into three groups and taught them for four days. It was a very good time to have a summer camp for the kids. The kids were very happy and they wanted to have this camp again next year!”


In May of 2017, Ahti reached out to AMC for support of an orphan girl named Aislam. Aislam had previously lived in a remote village with her elderly grandparents. Her grandparents were struggling to provide for her needs, especially her education. Thanks to some current donors who increased their giving, and new donors, Ahti & his wife Warin were able to take Aislam into their home and begin providing care for her. Aislam has so far greatly enjoyed her time at the home.

All of the children started back to school in May and are doing well in their studies. Ahti & Warin recently took the children to a garden for a family outing and they all had a wonderful time! The family has also been working hard on their mango farm. Ahti uses the proceeds from this farm to supplement his income as a pastor. Yielding a good mango crop is hard work but the whole family works together!

Ahti and Warin frequently send us their thanks for support of their mission work. Without the support of AMC, they would not be able to provide care for the girls that they’ve taken in. They are immensely grateful. Thank you so much for your financial support and prayers of this important work. It is deeply appreciated!