Update Letter from Ahpu - July 2017

Dear Christian friends and supporters of AMC,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord from the Nguapha family. Jeremiah and his wife Alison Nguapha, along with their friends Ben Weller & Tiffany Urig, are serving as forwarding agents for AMC. By God's grace we are doing fine and serving our Lord Jesus Christ faithfully in Thailand, Burma, and China among the Lisu people. Our ministry involves preaching, teaching, and Lisu Christian literature production. Our ministry is possible because of your faithful support and partnership. Thanks for your support.

In January 2017, Ahpu went to teach Hermeneutics to the Lisu pastors and preachers in Myitkyina, northern Burma for a week. There were more than a hundred pastors and preachers from Tanai, Myitkyina, Pawa, and China came for the training. We had a good time during training and the pastors and preachers were greatly empowered and renewed their strength to serve vitally in their respective area. The preachers from China provided their own transportation and food during the training. Every one of them were greatly encouraged through the training and strengthen to serve him more. They even invited Ahpu to come to their village in China to teach. They also took many books written by Ahpu to China.

In February 2017, Ahpu went to China to teach a week. It was cold and snowing. Some of the Lisu preachers did not come, but most of them came for the training. Ahpu had a good time. The host pastor killed a goat for Ahpu and the preachers. Ahpu had a five day training and had a good fellowship with the preachers. Two of the preachers were establishing new churches among the Lisu people. One of them named Hosea is evangelizing in a new non-Christian area and established a church of 200 new converts. The new converts do not know how to read and write Lisu, so he and his co-workers are teaching the new converts now to read and write Lisu. They are hoping that the new converts will be able to read the Bible in the near future. The host preacher was leading more than 42 churches a year ago, but he is now leading more than 70 churches in his area. Some of the preachers from this training are now starting new training centers in other areas. They provide their own training costs. They will be able to train many more. David and Sothini are the main teachers in the new training centers. Titus is also starting a new training center in his area.

During March and April 2017, Ahpu taught at three short term Bible trainings in Chiang Mai, Thailand among the Lisu people. One was in a Lisu village a hundred kilometers north of Chiang Mai. The village was called Lin-Luang. The preacher and his wife in that church were graduates of L.B.I. Thufusa and I went there to teach. I taught 7 Churches from Revelation. The leaders of that church were really encouraged to stand firm in the Lord. More than 40 people came for the training. Thufusa, my co-worker, taught music, especially singing choirs.

Ahpu taught Hermeneutics to a group of Lisu Christians in Chiang Mai during water festival. More than 40 people came for the training during water festival. Water festival is not a Christian festival, so Christians hold short term Bible trainings during that time to prevent their children from going to the water festival. During that week little children were also having summer Bible school. In fact, at L.B.I. different Christian groups held Vacation Bible Schools one group after another group for a whole month in April. There were Lisus, Chinese, and Lahu Christian youth and kids came for Vacation Bible Schools at L.B.I. Though L.B.I. is not operating as a Bible School right now, it is used for Christian training purposes regularly.

The young people those who came for Bible training during water festival were serious in Bible study. Most of them were from Burma. They came to Chiang Mai to work in restaurants, markets, and construction companies to make their living. Many of them were singles, but some of them were married couples. They came to work in Chiang Mai because their life in Burma is hard. They do not have permanent home here and they live temporarily here in Chiang Mai.

L.B.I. held a regathering of Alumni in early May. There were more than 30 graduates of L.B.I. who came for it. Ahpu taught Church Leadership to these L.B.I. alumni for two full days. All the graduates of L.B.I., those who came for the alumni regathering, are in the ministry. Most of them are preachers and pastors. Two of them came from Burma. They serve in Burma as preachers and Bible School teachers. They had a good time at L.B.I. It was like former days at L.B.I. They also helped clean the campus. They cooked and ate at L.B.I. as former days. They were greatly fueled for their ministry. Please, keep L.B.I. and L.B.I. alumni in your prayer. Please, keep Ahpu's family in your constant prayer.

In His Service,

Ahpu and Acha Nguapha