Update Letter From Children's Home - December 2017

Dear friends,

I am sending my greetings to every one of our supporters, in the name of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. We all are doing well through your powerful prayers and support. Now I am writing an updated report of 2017. I also want to let you know updates on the children and my family, on things we have done and are doing.

First of all, we are so thankful to God for His protection and provision for the whole year in 2017 and everything is going well. We are also so thankful to those who have committed to help and support our ministry. We can’t do anything without your support and we are so grateful for your generous support every month.

God glorified our church ministry in the village this past year. I have seen many people whose lives have been changed by hearing the Gospel of God. Eleven people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior this past year. We are serving and preaching the word of God faithfully and many people have repented and committed their lives to serving the Lord.

I am writing to share about the girls and their activities every day. We usually wake up at 5:30am Monday to Friday. My wife Warin cooks their breakfast and also takes the girls to school every morning. She rides with three girls with a motorcycle. Otherwise, one of the older girls, Ahnyi, takes the girls to school every morning. After school, all the girls help to cook for dinner. They sweep and clean and work on their school assignments. Before bed, we teach the Bible and have a study, worship and prayer time. We sing songs together and pray for one another.  On the weekend, we usually all travel 1 hour away to my church in the village. The girls help serve and we all worship together on Sunday.

This last September, all the girls were sick and they had to be absent from school for almost a week. After one week they were all better and were able to attend school again.

This last December, Ahna, our eldest girl, got into a motorcycle accident while she was riding to buy vegetables at a market. She fell hard and was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, she healed well but we were fined because the accident was her fault and we had to pay to repair the other vehicle involved. We have learned to be content through whatever circumstances we endure, and in every situation. We are thankful that she was not seriously injured.

Now, we are preparing and teaching about  baptism to Pai because she wants to be baptized. She is eleven years old and I hope she will be ready to be baptized soon. Please pray for Pai, this is a great thing for her to commit to God.

Aislam is 13 and is also doing well. Lily is our newest girl who is 8. Her mother is a single mom who has 5 children and works hard, but cannot provide for them all so we have taken in Lily at her mother’s desperate request. We are having to talk with the Thai government about getting her an ID card because she doesn’t have one. She cannot stay at our home or attend school without an ID card. Please pray that this is resolved so Lily can stay with us.

I and my wife are very satisfied. We have the best opportunity to work and to take care of orphans and children who are helpless and hopeless. Our goal is to raise them up with wisdom and stature and in favor with God.  Please pray for the girls, their education and for them to shine the light of Christ in their lives.

Ahnyi is now 18 and will be finished with high school the next year. I am worried about supporting her education for college because the expenses are significantly higher than for high school. Ahna has a job at a coffee shop and she is working hard. She also studies for school every weekend.  

We spent a great amount of time at the last Christmas celebration. We all were so happy to meet Alison and Jeremiah. Their visit is perfect for us, it makes us and the girls very happy and makes us strong and encouraged to work for orphans. The girls also performed songs and dance at Christmas and New Year celebrations. Warin and I were so pleased and encouraged from God because the girl’s lives are changing and their hearts are open to follow His will, and to worship and serve Him. We are thankful to God for inspiring the girl’s hearts to know Him more closely in their daily lives.

Please continue to pray for us and our ministry in Thailand. We are so thankful for your contributions. Every amount you give is essential & used to provide for these children and their future. We are so grateful for your support and for helping orphans and our ministry.

May the Lord richly bless you all,

Ahti, Warin & the girls (Ahna, Ahnyi, Aislam, Pai & Lily)