Update Letter from Ahpu - December 2017

Dear supporters and Christian friends of AMC,

            Greetings to you all from Nguapha family and fellow servants of AMC.  The year 2017 has flown by and 2018 is here.  I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity for another year of service and pray He continues to do so.  Thanks for your partnership in the ministry of AMC through faithful prayer and support.  May the Lord offer heavenly blessings to brothers and sisters in Christ in this new year 2018, giving you good health and many joyous moments.

The Nguapha family and fellow workers of AMC are doing well through prayer and God's care.  Jeremiah and Alison are in Columbus, Ohio serving as forwarding agents of AMC w/their good friends Ben & Tiffany Weller. Ben & Tiffany were married in October of 2017!  Lois is studying at ORU in Tulsa, OKlahoma.  Anna is working in a hospital in Bangkok.  Ellie is working as a flight attendant with Norwegian Airlines.  Asher is in eighth grade and goes to Varee Chiang Mai School in Thailand.  Acha is at home in Chiang Mai and taking care of Asher.  Recently I’ve travelled to China, Burma, Malaysia, and India to teach Bible to Lisu Christian leaders. I have plans to travel to North East India in February, 2018 to teach Bible.

In September 2017, I went to Putao, Northern Burma to teach Bible to Lisu Christian leaders for a week.  I went to Mulashidi village in Putao, and taught Bible to 300 teachers, elders, deacons, Sunday School teachers, and worship leaders for a week.  These Lisu Christian leaders came from 43 churches.  I also went to preach the Word in four different Lisu churches and spoke at two Bible Schools in that area. The Lisu Christians gave me a warm welcome and invited me to teach in the future.

In the first week of October 2017, from Monday to Wednesday, I went to teach a group of Lisu Christian leaders at Bethany village in Chiang Mai.  They came from various Lisu churches from northern Thailand and central Thailand. In attendance there were preachers and teachers.  I taught for three hours each day for three days. Shortly after, I had to go to the China border to teach a group of Lisu Christian leaders from China.

            I travelled to the China border for a two week training with my friends from Myitkyina, northern Burma.  Three native missionaries supported by AMC also went with me.  We were there for two weeks.  More than forty Lisu Christian leaders from Lisu communities in China were in attendance for the Bible training.  The training center was a half hour drive from the border.  The training began at 6:30am and ended at 9:00pm.  Breakfast break was at 8:30am and lunch break was at 12:30pm and dinner break was at 5:30pm.  These folks are very hungry for the Word, and studied hard all day long.  I took more 70 copies of Hermeneutics, a book I’ve written in the Lisu language. I taught them various lessons from the book of Hermeneutics. All of the 70 copies were distributed.  They even asked for the Bible I was using!  Please, keep them in your prayer as the need for leadership and literature resources continues to be in need.

In November 2017, I went to Malaysia to teach Bible to the Lisu Christian leaders.  I travelled there with two fellow workers.  It was my first time in Malaysia.  The Lisu Christians in Malaysia are originally from Burma. Many of them were there as refugees and waiting to be granted an opportunity to work in developed countries.  Lisu Christian leaders are effectively leading the churches there and they are also witnessing to non-Christians.  Many of non-Christian Burmese people are becoming Christians through their effort.  We were there with them for a week.  They requested that I teach them about church leadership. I also preached on Sunday following the training. A few of us trained leaders also took the opportunity to visit two non-Christian families and witnessed to them about Christ.

In the third week of November 2017, I went to a Lisu Thanksgiving to preach along with my brother, Ahpi, and son, Asher.  It was a three hour drive from Chiang Mai.  The Lisu Christians celebrate Thanksgiving after the harvest of the new crops.  The Christians in the village would bring some of their harvest to the church at the Thanksgiving church service. Christians from several nearby villages gather corporately to celebrate Thanksgiving.  At the Thanksgiving service, the Christians from the host village would sing songs and perform dances to the music.  We ate together during the celebrations.  It’s a time of rejoicing and thanksgiving.  The fruits, vegetables, corns, beans, and rice etc. that were brought to the church were given as an offering to the pastor of the church.  They were also given to other church pastors who came for the event

In December I went to preach a Christmas message at three villages where graduates of LBI are serving as pastors.  The first village was Hoi-Nam-Dang, where two couples of LBI graduates are serving.  Christians from five different churches came for the Christmas celebration.  More than two hundred Christians gathered there.  There were two services during the day, and I preached on the first day of the celebration. The second village was in Mae-Teng where two LBI graduates are serving as pastors.  I went there with Jeremiah, Anna and her son, Lois, and Asher.  The church served a Christmas meal after the church service.  I preached a Christmas message there from Luke chapter one.

            The third village was Hoi-Nam-Rim, where a graduate of LBI is serving as pastor for more than a decade.  Under his leadership the church grew in numbers, and they built a large wooded church building.  I went there with my children, Lois and Asher, and preached a Christmas message on Sunday.  The church served a meal following the service, and the meal was delicious.

All the native missionaries are doing well, and they send their greetings.  Jekyi is teaching full time at the Eastern Bible Institute.  He is also preaching at Hlai-Ta-Ya Christian Church.  He visits non-Christian homes regularly and shares the message of Christ.  During summer months he goes to Ta-Nai and teaches Bible at Fung-Gone Bible School. Ta-Nai is located in northern Burma.  Ngwalisi teaches Bible full-time at Berea Bible Training School, in Myitkyina, northern Burma.  He also serves as a dorm parent.  Berea Bible Training School has more than 70 students.  Thomas, Jeypi, and Charlie are teaching Bible full-time at Myitkyina Christian Seminary.  MCS has 43 students this year.  They are all doing well. Wuzziah serves in Tachilek, in Shan State, Burma.  He serves as Chairman of Evangelistic Association.  He travels with his fellow workers to village churches. A graduate of LBI is planting a new church in Shan State.    

            In Shan State four new Christians were baptized.  The stream was not deep enough to give baptism, so they had to build a place of baptism by piling stones in the water.  They piled stones in the river until the water was deep enough to give baptism.  The four new Christians were immersed there in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Thanks for your prayer and financial support for the native missionaries. All of them are serving the Lord faithfully because of your support. Please, continue to support them and keep them in your prayer.

Thank you again for your continued support and prayer for AMC.

            In His Service,

            Ahpu and Acha Nguapha