Children's Home Update - June 2018

Dear supporters of AMC & our Children’s Home,

I am sending my greetings and my report. We all are doing well through AMC’s supporting and powerful prayers. We thank our supporters so much for buying a new motorcycle for the girls. It will be very useful and very convenient to ride for the girls and their school too. We are so thankful because the girls are much improving in their education and their spiritual and everyday lives. I believe this is the benefit of AMC contributing and supporting for them.

The last final examination one of the girls got the first marks among 35 students from her class and my daughter Esther also received the first marks among 37 students from her class. We don’t know yet about the other scores, Ahnyi, Pai and LinLin, but we will see it soon. Now we all are preparing for the girls to buy things for their school and to pay for their school tuition.

The last March, we had a great summer childrens camp at my village. There were 65 children who attended the camp and we taught and encouraged many things with actions so the children were very excited to learn and to study about the Bible and the life of Christ. We don’t want to lose the opportunity for young people in the village. The last summer, our childrens camp helped much for those who were living in darkness to shine the light of God and to fill the good news for their life when they were young. I am so happy to teach for young people at summer camp.

Otherwise, in April we had a great night with youth music outreach ministry in our village. There were 16 youths who came from Chiang Mai and they presented many shows using drama, dance, and worship songs to encourage and share testimonies to the young people in the church. It helped young people to be inspired and to open up their hearts to live their life for Christ and to preach to others. We celebrated Easter Day four weeks ago and we had lunch together with church members after church service. Everything is going well by the grace of God.

I am so thankful to God because there were two people who repented from their sins and accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, so they were baptized by the name of trinity God last Sunday morning. Please continue pray because there are still 5 people left to be baptized at my church. Please send our family’s many thanks on to those who help support the girls. We could not care for these children without their faithful support. May the Lord richly bless you all.

Yours sincerely, Ahti & Warin