June 2018 Update Letter

Dear friends and supporters of Asian Mission for Christ,

Enclosed you will find updates on the various aspects of our ministry. Ahpu wrote an update letter on his mission work as well as some of the other native missionaries work. Ahti shared a letter about his family and the children’s home. We are all so grateful for your continued support of the important work being done through AMC. Please know that your giving continues to be disbursed however you designate.

Stateside, we have been blessed with opportunities to visit new and existing supporters of AMC. So far, this year we have been able to visit 3 churches and share about work being done. These trips have given us many opportunities to share in person about why we are so passionate about AMC. We have been able to talk with churchgoers, share stories, pictures, and videos from overseas, and answer any questions that come up. We are grateful to the congregations who have hosted us, and have found these visits to be incredibly engaging and beneficial. We hope to continue spreading awareness about AMC through similar opportunities in the future. If you are an existing supporter & would like us to come visit, or know of a church/small group who may be interested in hearing about AMC, please let us know!

We’d like to share just one example of how we have witnessed God provide through AMC. Last year, the father of the Children’s Home we support, Ahti, reached out to us with a need. He shared that he and his wife had a need for another motorcycle to transport children to school. They were, at the time, piling 4 children on 1 motorcycle. This was obviously a safety hazard and while Ahti was hesitant to ask us for help, we are so glad he did! Through the generous support of many, we are excited to share that in March of this year, we were able to provide the money needed for Ahti to purchase a motorcycle.

We want to send a special thank you to the Ringler family, as many contributions made in memory of Rich Ringler helped to fund the purchase of this motorcycle. As a reminder, regular announcements/photos etc. can also be found on Asian Mission for Christ’s Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/AsianMissionForChrist. We will continue to update our website: www.asianmissionforchrist.org as well. Additionally, you can find current and past update letters uploaded on this site.

In conclusion, we want to sincerely thank you all for your support of AMC. We are passionate about the work we can do state-side, but without your monetary support and prayers, AMC would not be where it is today. You each play a vital role in the work being done! Please continue to pray for AMC, for our growth and specifically for the opening of LBI, as you will read about in Ahpu’s letter. You can reach us anytime at asianmissionforchrist@gmail.com or by calling 419-606-8494.

Jeremiah Nguapha & the AMC Leadership Team (Alison Nguapha, Ben & Tiffany Weller Jason & Jenise Potter, George & Mary Potter)