LBI Update - June 2018


Since Ahpu sent us the above update, we have been told a more recent update that we thought should be shared. As of June 5th, Ahpu shared with us that he is now at the Lisu Bible Institute and that LBI is starting a new school year, after being scaled back to just being used for short-term seminars for the past 2 years due to decreasing support. LBI is doing a "soft open" with a few teachers, 1 cook and 10 students. LBI is hoping to admit more students down the road as resources are available. An opening service is being held on June 17th. Although there is not enough regular income to fully operate LBI as Ahpu shared above, Ahpu & the LBI leadership team hope and pray that the Lord will provide for its needs.

LBI also has a need for someone to teach English to students. When the Lisu students can learn English, it greatly expands their access to Christian literature to aid in their walk with Christ. It also allows them to be more marketable after they graduate from LBI, as in most cases they have to obtain a job to support themselves, in addition to their role as a pastor in their community. If you know of anyone who may be interested in volunteering to teach English at LBI, please let us know. We'd love to connect with them and share more information!

If you do not already, will you prayerfully consider helping support LBI? As a reminder, LBI's goal is to train and educate the Lisu's own people, so that they can graduate after 4 years with a Biblical degree, and return to their communities to minister to their people. The Lisu Christian community is severely lacking in trained Christian leaders, and many churches will go months without a pastor coming to teach. Lisu Christians are hungry for the Word and eager to grow in their faith. With often only a Bible and hymnal, they struggle to grow without someone to lead them. LBI's goal is to produce Christian leaders to help meet this need throughout Thailand, China & Burma.

To operate LBI at full capacity, approximately $3,000/month is required. This includes ALL the costs for the school and students. The main costs behind running LBI include: professor’s salary, food, and maintenance costs. Just to put this in perspective, it costs about the same to pay a full year of tuition for one student in a private college here in the U.S., as it does to fund LBI for an entire year with 6-8 professors and more than 40 students. Your support goes far and it’s amazing how much of an impact our resources can have for God’s kingdom work! We currently have about 20% of LBI’s monthly needs funded. If this is something you feel led to support, or you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

-AMC Leadership Team