2018 Year-End Update

Dear friends and supporters of Asian Mission for Christ,                                                    January 29, 2019

            Enclosed you will find updates on the various aspects of our ministry, including a letter from Ahpu on LBI and his and the other native missionaries’ work, and an update on the Children’s Home. Year-end giving receipts are also included for tax filing purposes. We are all so grateful for your continued support of the important work being done through AMC. Please know that your giving continues to be disbursed however you designate.

            2018 was another big year for AMC. We would like to highlight the year in an attempt to capture how God is working through this organization. Earlier in 2018, members of the AMC leadership team visited churches to share about the organization and provide updates. We had the opportunity to visit two churches that have been invested in the work of AMC for many years, First Christian Church of Monmouth and Marysville Christian Church. We also re-visited a new church partner from late 2017, Trinity Lutheran Church in Jeromesville, OH. All these visits provided many opportunities for sharing about AMC, answering questions, and thanking members in person for their support. It was so nice to meet people face-to-face who are dedicated to the work of AMC. We thank all these churches for hosting us and we look forward to connecting with more congregations in the future.

Our Children’s Home received a surprise blessing earlier this year. Through DSW Inc.’s philanthropic program, “Shoe Lovers Care Lead the Way”, Tiffany Weller, one of our board members, applied for a grant on behalf of AMC’s Children’s Home.  The program rewards the passion DSW associates show through giving their time and leadership to non-profit organizations. We were so excited to learn that AMC was chosen to receive a $3,000 grant! The leadership team of AMC has decided to use these funds to make a lasting impact. When we began supporting Ahti & Warin’s Children’s Home, we knew we wanted to raise enough support to put all the kids through college. We didn’t know how we would do this, but we did know that college in Thailand is very affordable compared to the US. We are excited to share that we are currently funding Ahnyi, the eldest child in the Children’s Home, as she pursues college education! The $3,000 will be able to cover ALL her college expenses over 4 years! How awesome is our God? He provided what we prayed for and we are so grateful for this blessing!

            Additionally, in November four of us from the AMC board (Jeremiah, Alison, Ben & Tiffany) travelled to Thailand. We brought along four other friends with us, and we were able to show them LBI as well as the Children’s Home. We spent time playing with the kids and sharing the story of AMC with our friends. We focused on getting to know the current LBI students, as well as assessing needs and opportunities for continued growth. A few donors gave money for us to use specifically to purchase gifts for the kids, things that they wanted versus needed. What a blessing it was to witness the joy on their faces when they got to freely purchase gifts that they wanted. Sometimes it is these small experiences that remind them that God continues to watch over them, and cares deeply for them. What an honor to represent AMC and all the supporters for the work of God’s kingdom in Southeast Asia.  

             All in all, 2018 was a year of continued growth for AMC. LBI was reopened and this was a major goal for a long time. The work of LBI to train Christian leaders continues to be desperately in need among the Lisu communities. The 1st school year for LBI has been completely funded. We are now looking towards the 2nd year of LBI being open. Current students will go into their 2nd year of classes, and new students will be enrolled for their 1st year of study. AMC is actively seeking to raise funds so that LBI can continue to expand and function at full capacity. LBI needs $3,000/month when operating at full capacity. Currently, LBI receives about $600/month, which has been sufficient since only 1 year of students are enrolled. In the coming 2nd year, AMC will need to send LBI more monthly support in order to provide for more students and faculty members. We are planning for a minimum budget of $1,000/month for the next school year, which starts in June. We also hope to raise enough funds to do some much needed small renovation projects around the campus including fixing the vehicle shelter and doing plumbing work. While at LBI this past November, we interviewed the current students and hope to focus our 2019 fundraising efforts on student sponsorship through creating short video clips on each student. Please consider reaching out to other churches or individuals who may be interested in hearing about the work of AMC! We would love opportunities in 2019 to share about our organization, and specifically LBI, with new congregations. Please be praying for this.

            In addition to the previous areas of growth, AMC grew financially in 2018. Total donations received increased by 28% when compared to 2017! A portion of this growth came from one-time donations, like the DSW grant, and we pray that 2019 will bring continued financial growth so that AMC’s impact can reach further into the heart of the Lisu people in Southeast Asia.

In conclusion, we want to sincerely thank you all for your support of AMC. We are passionate about the work we can do state-side, but without your monetary support, and more importantly, prayer support, AMC would not be where it is today. You each play a vital role in the work being done! Please continue to pray for AMC and for the ministries you will read about in the following pages.

In Christ,

The AMC Leadership Team