Ahpu & Native Missionaries Update - December 2018

Dear Christian friends and supporters of AMC,

            Happy New Year to all.  Though the year 2018 is over, the Lord gives us the year 2019 to serve him.  Thank you all for your prayer and financial support throughout the year 2018.  The Nguapha family and LBI family needs your prayer and financial support for the year 2019 to serve the Lord faithfully and effectively with you in Southeast Asia.  Your prayer and financial support is vital in the ministry.

            Jeremiah and his wife Alison, along with Ben and his wife Tiffany, active members of AMC, came to visit us in Chiangmai, Thailand, for a couple of weeks in December 2018.  They stayed with us during their visit and we had a good time with them. While they were in Chiangmai, they came to visit LBI, they met with students and interviewed them. They also visited the children’s home which they are a part of in Chiangmai.  They also visited a Lisu village, where a graduate of LBI serves as a pastor.

             Our daughters Anna, Ellie, Lois, and our grandson Isaac, came to visit us during Christmas. Our daughter Lois is going to graduate from Oral Roberts University (ORU) in May 2019.  Lois was with us until the New Year celebration and left for ORU to continue her schooling on January 9, 2019.  Right now, only Asher is with us.  Every one of our family members are doing fine because of the Lord's care and your prayer for our family.

            LBI teachers and students are doing fine and the classes are going well.  LBI had two weeks of Christmas and New Year break.  They all went back to their villages and returned to LBI two days ago to continue their classes.  During Christmas, students went as a group to perform music and to participate in Christmas celebrations with Christian brothers and sisters. LBI students also went to Thanksgiving celebration in the villages to participate and perform music.  Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations are an important part of Christianity here in Asia among the Lisu people. Thanksgiving is celebrated after the harvest of the rice, and Christmas is celebrated from mid-December until late December, on selected dates.

Ahpu preaching at a church during the Thanksgiving celebration.

Ahpu preaching at a church during the Thanksgiving celebration.

            LBI rice was harvested in November 2018.  The Lord blessed LBI and LBI harvested over 400 tins of rice. This rice will be enough to feed LBI students for the rest of this school year, and the first semester of the next school year.  LBI also receives some rice from the Lisu churches.  Some of the Lisu churches have begun to support LBI with pumpkins, vegetables, bamboo shoots, and cucumbers.  The Lord is good to us.

            I am teaching Old Testament History and English five days a week at LBI.  I am also teaching to a group of adult students from nearby villages every Saturday from 9:00am to 3:00pm. There is only a one hour lunch break.  Fifteen to twenty adults come to study on Saturdays.  Many of them are elders, deacons, and active members in Lisu churches.  Some of them are teachers in the churches.  Please, keep them in your prayer.  I also preach on Sundays at churches, as well as at Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.  During Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration season I was invited to preach various places.    

LBI students practicing worship songs in class

LBI students practicing worship songs in class

            Between September and October 2018, I went to the Burma and China border to teach short term Bible trainings for five weeks.   I left during the 2nd week of September and I came back the 3rd week of October 2018.  The first training I taught was at Shwi-Zet Lisu church.  Elders and deacons from Myitkyina area came for the training.  There were over a hundred Lisu Christian elders and deacons who came.  They are all active Lisu Christian leaders from over 30 churches.  After that I went to teach at another Bible training seminar at a Lisu village church called Kwi-Tu, which was over an hour drive from Myikyina.  It was a small church and 50-60 members of the church came regularly for a week.  They were greatly encouraged because of the training.  There was preaching of the gospel every night. Hundreds of people came for the worship service at night.  One Muslim came to listen to the teaching and accepted Christ as his Lord. 

            On the third week, I went to teach at Berea Bible School (BBS) in Myitkyina.  Ngwalisi, one of the native missionaries works there.  He serves as dean of the students at BBS.  He translated for me, because the students there included Lisu people and other tribes.  I taught there every day, all day, for a week.  There were 79 students at BBS.  They have Lisu Class and Burmese Class.  BBS is three-year Bible School. Every weekend, the students go to Lisu churches to perform music and practice leading worship services.

            On the fourth week, I went to the China border to train Christian leaders from China with native missionaries, Uzziah and Charlie, who are teaching as Myitkyina Christian Seminary (MCS).  Three other teachers from MCS also went with us.  We were there for a week.  More than 70 Christian leaders came for the training.  The classes began at 7:00am and lasted until 8:00pm.  There were only two breaks; brunch and dinner.  After the day was over, many of the students came to us and asked many questions from their Bible and we answered their questions and explained God's word from the Bible. These people were active Christian leaders from many different churches from the bordering area. I had a good time with the native missionaries and teachers of MCS, and with Christian leaders from the area.

            Native missionary, Thomas, was not able to go with us to the training seminar.  He was leading youth ministry in Myitkyina.  He teaches at MCS and serves as dean of students.  He and his family live at MCS campus.  Charlie also lives at MCS campus.  He teaches at MCS and serves as a dorm parent.  Another native missionary, Jeyki, lives in Yangon.  He teaches at Eastern Bible Institute (EBI) and preaches at Hlaytaya Christian Church as usual.  EBI has more than a hundred students.  My second brother's son, Ngwadi, goes to EBI. My sister Ana's daughter went there, and she is now serving as a Sunday school teacher in Putao.

            Thanks for your partnership and support for AMC through finance and prayer.  We keep you in our prayer.  May the Lord bless you and watch over you throughout the year 2019. 

 In His Service,                                                                                                                       

Ahpu and Acha Nguapha