Children's Home Update - December 2018

To the supporters of AMC’s Childrens Home,                                                                                  January 29, 2019

            We thank you all for your continued support throughout 2018. The parents of our Children’s Home, Ahti & Warin are doing well. We were able to visit and spend time with them during our recent visit to Chiang Mai. Ahti is currently in Burma visiting his parents and siblings. He had not been to Burma to see them in over 25 years, so this is a very special trip for him! Ahti and Warin continue to work hard to earn income through the mango farm they own, as well as through pastoring a congregation in a nearby village.

            Ahna, the eldest girl in the Children’s Home, got married this year! She is now living with her husband in Chiang Mai and works at a coffee shop. She has been doing well. Ahnyi, the next eldest, is studying in college. She has shared with us that she wants to be a tourist guide, or work in a hotel, and these are reputable jobs to have in Thailand. This past fall, she completed an internship at a hotel and really enjoyed it. Out of all the kids, Ahnyi is who we can communicate the best with. It has been so special to build a relationship with her over the past few years, despite the cultural and communication barrier that exist.

            Arisra and Pai are the other two girls living at the Children’s Home and they are continuing their studies in school. Arisra is 14 and Pai is 12. Ahti & Warin’s biological children, Esther & David are also doing well! While it is challenging to communicate with the kids, we enjoyed playing badmitton, shopping, and simply spending time with them. Ahnyi & David’s birthday fell while we were in Thailand! We made a special trip to see everyone for their birthdays and took the kids cake and ice cream. It was a fun celebration!


            As mentioned in the initial update, AMC was able to bless the kids with some special gifts around Christmas thanks to a few donors. The 5 kids had been sharing 3 bikes and AMC was able to purchase 2 more bikes thanks to a donor who was passionate about purchasing something for them that they wanted. Additionally, a group of donors decided to pull together resources to provide money for the kids to use to buy items they wanted. Some of the girls bought clothes, shoes, makeup, body spray, jewelry and ear muffs to use on cool mornings as they ride motorbikes to school. The excitement and joy the kids expressed over the generosity of people they’ve never met was just so sweet. Thank you to those who made the holiday season extra special for these kids!


Please continue to pray for AMC’s Children’s Home and thank you so much for your continued support of this important ministry!