Chiang Mai Children's Home


It all starts with love...

At Asian Mission for Christ, we believe that no child should go without love and acceptance.  We make it part of our mission to help in stomping out one of the greatest injustices in the world - a child without a home.  And by home, we mean more than just walls.  We strive to create a home where each and every child experiences the true and unconditional love of a family.  They are provided a safe, reliable space to live and grow along with an education to help them prosper for years to come.  

In a part of the world where sex trafficking and child labor thrive, children in poverty are at especially high risk of being traded.  There are currently 1.2 million children sold annually into the sex trade across the globe.  AMC works with local missionaries to identify children who are at risk due to varying economical or social situations.

where the heart is...

Our home is located just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand.  It's operated by Ahti Bee, a 2004 graduate of the Lisu Bible Institute and pastor of Huay Nam Rin Christian Church.  Ahti and his wife, Warin, are currently caring for 3 girls as well as their two biological children.  They recently built a new, larger orphanage in hopes of eventually being able to take care of a total of 15 children.  Ahti and his wife have fearlessly and faithfully answered God's call to care for children in need.  Along with pastoring a church, the family owns and operates a mango farm with other crops and chickens in order to help support themselves.