The Lisu Bible Institute was established in 1998 as a non-profit educational institution in Thailand in order to serve the tribe's need for college-level educated pastors and leaders.  LBI is a four-year college that offers two bachelor's degree programs; Biblical Literature and Theology. 

The college is located in Chiang Dao in northern Thailand.   It is currently partially self-sustaining with animals such as pigs and chickens, and crops like rice, which the students are responsible for harvesting. Donor support is also essential for LBI to operate. Only a small population of students are actually capable of affording tuition so most are on scholarship. Sponsors are key in the day-to-day operations of the institution.

Student Testimony

Meet Byeah Lae, a graduate from LBI. His education at LBI has allowed him to serve and help build multiple churches over the past 10 years. He also explains how LBI and its students impact the surrounding communities by providing educated leaders, evangelizing and providing children’s summer programs.



  • Train and equip preachers, evangelists, teachers, and other church leaders in New Testament Christianity.

  • Nurture and help form Christ in each student and train him/her to be tomorrow's church leaders by promoting integrity, Christian morality and godly character.

  • Instill in every student a desire for truth and a commitment to excellence in study, worship, praise, service, fellowship, ministry, righteous living, love, and reaching the lost with the message of God's love.

  • Empower the Lisu Church in Thailand to become wholly indigenous and capable of meeting its own Church leadership needs.

The Students & Professors

Though coming from different backgrounds, most of the students have been Christians for years and have felt the call to ministry.  When operating at full capacity, there are about 40-50 students enrolled each session, with 10-15 of those individuals graduating each year. 

While attending LBI, the students participate in ministry to local villages near the school.  Some of their ministry includes Bible school and music ministries at nearby churches. All the students also complete an internship in the local community prior to graduating.

As the students graduate, most go on to be preachers, teachers, youth ministers, music ministers, outreach coordinators, evangelists, and cross-cultural missionaries.

Ahpu Nguapha is the current director of LBI.  Himself, along with two other professors currently teach the classes at LBI.  When classes are in session, the professors typically live on campus along with their families. The professors at LBI are all Lisu and have graduated from accredited higher education institutions.